A Dream Away – Alex Hook ft. Rene
Shifted Music

Moscow, Russia’s Alex Hook (SweetMusicPro studio), delivers a warm and sultry, sexy house music production featuring Rene on vocals.

Jay-J’s Shifted Up Mix reimagines Hook’s original with extra funky bass and disco influence.

Jay-J’s Shiftech Mix takes the original down a dark dubby and tech inspired house vibe.

1. A Dream Away (Jay-J’s Shifted Up Mix)
2. A Dream Away
3. A Dream Away (Jay-J’s Shiftech Dub)

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Industry Insiders Feedback:

“Lovely production!!! Spiritchaser well and truly on it!!” -Richard Earnshaw

“Cool release!” -Dave Mayer

“Loving the Shifted up mix.” -Kid Enigma

“Fantastic! Hard to pick a fav!” -Cherokee

“Full support.” -Bass Clef

“Party goers at Drai’s Las Vegas roof top pool will definitely hear these this summer because they will be worked into my sets for sure. Full support and thanks for the promos.” -Bruno Browning

“Really solid release guys! The Dub is the mix for me!” -Andrew Emil

“Nice!” -Mason Rothert

“Love Jay-J mixes.” -Da Sunlounge

“Love it!!!!!So good!!!!!!!” -Josh Stone

“Really nice tracks love the Jay-J mixes personally! Especially the Dub! He always comes correct! Supporting!” -Ben Cook

“Really love the Shiftech Dub. Great drum work and fluttery looped vocals. PROPER.” -JC Hanna

“WOW! Naked Music flashback! Gorgeous.” -Jeannie Hopper

“Superb remix destined to take over dance floors by storm.” -Mike Fossati

“Digging Jay-J’s Shiftech Dub… Solid!!” -Raul Montes

“Loving the dub version!” -Alek Soltirov

“Very Naked Music / Music and Wine vibe :-)” -Jask

“Diggin’ Jay-J’s Remixes.” -Aldrin

“Great package – love Jay-J’s shifted up mix!” -Pete Le Freq

“Smokin’ interpretations all around! That bouncy bassline of the dub is muh JAM!” -Mindub